Classes Saturdays 3:00 - 4:30pm.

*Please note modified summer schedule.

One-on-one Pilates training.

Our Mission

Intimate size, hour-and-a-half long, Pilates classes. Personalized hands on attention and feedback. Taught by two certified instructors with extensive dance backgrounds.

An affordable opportunity. Dancers, experience the amazing benefits of anatomically sound alignment using detailed biomechanics. Grow your awareness of intention and energetic qualities of movement in your cross-training.

Classes personalized for you. Before registering, you will have the opportunity for a free consultation call or email correspondence with your instructors, Caitlin and Rebecca. Discuss your body needs, injuries, and personal goals. Ensure we place you in the appropriate group for your class. We’ll design a program specifically for you.

The contemporary Pilates approach. Focus on principles of movement. Add the “choreography” and exercises to your repertoire of movement experiences. We will translate these principles directly into dance technique, specifically geared towards your personal goals.

Class structure. Classes designed to enable you to integrate new concepts into your daily movement. We build on key themes throughout each class—expanding on exercises and choreography week to week, discovering recurring movement principles. Consultations with your instructors encourage you to sustain your commitment to building and maintaining your practice of the wonderfully rewarding method of self-care that is Pilates.